Playing Cards Categories

Playing Cards Categories

At The Deckstock, we will provide three main categories of playing cards:

Limited Edition: These will be unopened decks that are either produced to a specific number (i.e. 1 of 1000) or will never be reprinted.

One and Done: These are decks that are unopened (any defects will be displayed on pictures, but for most part will be perfect condition) that the The Deckstock has one available. Therefore if you want that deck, buy it before its gone!

Cheap and Cheerful: For those out there who either want to save a few pennies, or don't give a monkeys booty if a tuck case is a little dinged up, this section is for you! All decks in this section will be opened and used. A score will be provided for both the tuck condition and the deck condition. I have been as honest as possible, and most likely have underscored many of the decks listed.

1/10 = Why am I even listing this - do I have literally no respect for the community?? (I won't be listing any 1's don't worry)

5/10 = Some noticeable wear, and damage to the tuck cards are useable but not in the optimum condition. Definitely a worker but not a poop deck.

10/10 = Like new